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CFFC’s Expanded Holiday Decor Offer

With summer in our rear view mirror, CFFC is looking forward to the fall/winter holiday season. We are again offering the opportunity to brighten the day for a loved one with a piece of holiday décor. Building on the favorable response from last year, we are expanding the offer in two ways.

First we are adding a new option – a Christmas cactus – to the list of items in our offer. You can choose one of the following:

14” Evergreen wreath decorated with holly berries

Red Poinsettia in an 8” pot

Christmas cactus in a 6” pot

These items will be delivered to the home of a person living with CF FREE of charge.

Second, we recognize the importance of the CF support network. CFFC is extending the holiday décor offer to family, friends or other significant members of the care team. These items will be delivered to the designated person for a charge of $25.

To guarantee delivery, we need your order by October 25th. Place your order in an email to CFFC president Karly Schuhart at Include the following information:

Name of the recipient

Recipient’s address

Recipient’s phone number so we can confirm the delivery

Recipient’s status – living with CF, family, friend, other

If buying an item, indicate the method of payment (see below)

If the gift is for a member of the support network, there are three ways to remit your payment:

By check in the amount of $25.00 made payable to CFFC mailed to CFFC, PO Box 93328, Rochester NY 14692.

Through PayPal at :

Through Venmo using @Karly-schuhart

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