Adult CF Center – Calling Off Hours

CCC has established a process for handling incoming phone calls intended to provide timely and effective response to the caller. The process for handling calls received during off hour periods are set out here. The off hours procedures are intended for urgent issues; routine issues should be handled through calls during office hours or messaging through MyChart. Note: If you move your cursor over text in italics, supplemental information relating to that text will be displayed.

All calls start the same way:

  • Call the regular CCC number at 585-276-7900; the call will be answered by the URMC answering service.
  • Identify yourself as a CF patient.
  • Give a brief description of the purpose of your call.
  • Tell the service if your concern is urgent, requiring immediate attention.
  • Make sure the answering service has your current contact information and that you are available for the call back.

The answering service will refer your call to the resident on call for the day.

  • The resident will return your call as soon as possible.
  • You should again identify yourself as a CF patient.
  • Confirm the purpose of your call and provide any additional information requested by the resident.
  • The resident will provide appropriate medical advice based on the information available; however, the resident may seek additional guidance before offering advice.
  • The resident will always discuss the care plan with an attending physician on call for the day.
  • The resident will enter details from the consultation in your medical record where it will be reviewed by the adult CF center team.

You may request to speak to the attending physician or with a CF provider; however, the request will only be honored in very select urgent circumstances at the discretion of the attending physician as to the necessity of the additional contact. The notes of the off hours contact made in your electronic medical record will be reviewed by the adult CF center team.