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Education Day Update

Are you ready for Education Day, “Pursuing Mental Wellness,” August 10, 2022? We’re excited and hope you are, too. We have a couple updates to share with you.

First, we are pleased to announce the panelists for the first segment of the program, “It’s okay to ask for help.” We have enlisted the help of three adults living with CF: Leisha Cuddihy, Chris Kvam and Lauren Shea-Warner. They will share their experiences with mental health and respond to questions from the audience. The second panel of Amanda Healey (Attain Health), Gillian Mocek (CFF Peer Connect) and Stacey Smith (Rochester adult CF center) will follow up with “How can I get help.”

Second, we are taking an additional step to ensure the program touches on issues of most interest to you. As with last year’s event, you will be able to submit questions and comments during the program through the webinar Q&A feature. This year, you are also able to share your thoughts in advance using Google Docs. Click on the link below to open the document and add your ideas.

Questions for CFFC Education Day

Now, a reminder of the other details:

When: Wednesday, August 10th, 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM

Where: On a computer, tablet or phone in the comfort of your home or other convenient location. The event will be presented using Zoom Webinar.

How: Simply register at: Once you have registered, you will receive an email with the program link.

We’re looking forward informative evening.

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