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Have Fun While Supporting Our Community

Who says you can’t enjoy yourself at the same time you are lending aid to others. That’s exactly what you do when you play in the CFFC Living with CF Golf Tournament. Come join us on September 11th. You can get the details (and an entry form) in the CFFC Golf Brochure_2021.

So what are the good things you help achieve with your entry fee? The money raised through the tournament supports our Hospital Help Packet (HHP) and Clinic Baggie programs. The primary component of these packages are passes for the parking garages at Strong and Highland Hospitals. The clinic baggies also include a granola bar.

The parking passes in the HHP for Strong have a value of $63 while the Highland HHP passes are worth $28. The clinic baggie contents cost a little less than $5. You can figure the math on what an entry fee covers, but it is not the monetary value that matters the most. It’s the knowledge that somebody understands the stress of hospitalization and clinic visits; that somebody understands the simple convenience of prepaid parking.

So, grab your golf clubs and enjoy a round with us knowing that you will bring a little joy to someone facing a difficult day.

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