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Help fight for the Adult CF Program in New York

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation has issued a call for support to add the Adult CF Assistance Program back into the upcoming State budget. Here is the text of their appeal.

Last year, New York ended the Adult CF Assistance Program (or the “Over 21” program), a crucial source of health coverage for New Yorkers living with cystic fibrosis. Since the program’s elimination, some New Yorkers have faced difficult decisions about their health and finances, all while navigating the ongoing pandemic.

We have a chance to fix this. The state legislature is making funding decisions for this year’s state budget and now is our opportunity to urge them to restore this vital program.

Take Action Now

The pandemic has set the stage for another contentious budget year, and lawmakers need to hear from constituents like you about the importance of supporting people with CF.

Please send a message now to urge your representatives to restore the Adult CF Assistance Program in this year’s state budget.

Thank you for all you do for people with CF,
Elizabeth Holden
Senior Manager, Policy & Advocacy

The linked page has a prepared message that will be sent to the legislators for your district. If you choose, you can edit the message to add a personal touch. NOTE: Name, address, phone number and email address are required for communications with State legislators.

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