Accessing the Outside World

Hospitalization can come with a sense of isolation. Getting in touch with the outside can help bring back a feeling of “normal.”

Bring the World to You

TV and Phone – Television and telephone service are now included as part of your stay without additional charge at both Highland and Strong. Instructions should be available in the room but, as always, don’t be afraid to ask for assistance if needed. Many of us also have cell phones which can be used while in your room, when appropriate.  Consider the volume of your media, ring tones, and conversation out of respect to other patients and families.

Internet – Both hospitals also have free, unsecured wi-fi.  If you have your own laptop or other Internet device, it can be nice to get on-line from your room to access email, Facebook, skype, or just surf the Web. Remember, the wi-fi is NOT secure, so it’s not so great for banking or purchases. It’s also a risk to have any valuables unattended in the room if you step out. Take common sense precautions: either bring the items with you or keep them concealed when not in use.

Visitors – Visits from friends and family can certainly be helpful in healing.  That being said it’s important to assess your (your child’s) energy level and consider how many visits and how long is appropriate.  It’s important to put  out a general reminder to visitors that, if they might be sick or exposed to someone who is sick, it’s better to stay home and send their love via phone, email, or cards.

Getting Out in the World

Passes – As long as you (your child) is well enough you are often allowed to leave the hospital in between treatments. Getting some fresh air and a change of scenery, even if just for a short while, can really help with the hospital blues for both patients and families. “Passes” are your doctor’s permission – temporary tickets – for patients to leave the hospital grounds.  Discuss the possibility of using passes with your doctor and when it’s appropriate to use them.  Once you have a pass remember to be respectful to both your body (energy level) and your treatment schedule.

NOTE: Passes are a priviledge that not all hospitals allow. We are very fortunate that this is still a working part of our system.  Please don’t give insurance companies or hospital bureaucracy a reason to change this policy for our CF Community. Please comply with your doctor’s directions and, by all means, be back on time so that the staff can take care of you within the agreed schedule.


We are so lucky to have Highland Park within walking distance of both hospitals! It’s a hop skip and a jump from Highland and a slightly longer walk or very short car ride from Strong.   The park spreads across blocks and at every season has something spectacular to offer.  This is one of the places I go to get out, drink in the fresh air, sometimes sunshine, and regain perspective while in “Hotel Highland”.  – KT