Admission Day

The day of admission to the hospital can be the most stressful part of the stay; especially for your first admission. There are lots of details involved in arranging the room, meeting the staff, setting up the treatment protocol, and the paperwork associated with each step.

There are several variables that influence the progress of the admission – other admissions, complexity of the planned treatment, availability of specialists, etc. Since both Golisano’s Children’s and Highland are teaching hospitals, you may find that you are dealing with staff who are not fully familiar with Cystic Fibrosis.


  • Bring your enzymes and all your daily drugs.  Although the hospital will provide your drug regimen during your stay, there can sometimes be a delay in actually getting the meds to you when need them that first day. Much of this depends on how quickly you are seen by either the resident or the PA, and what’s going on in the pharmacy that day.  There are many variables, so it’s a good idea to have those daily meds that you don’t want to wait for.  Of course, always let your care team know what you are taking and clear it with them before ingesting anything – even food and water in case you are headed right in to a procedure where you have to wait eat. – KT
  • Bring some snacks that you might enjoy for that first day’s waiting periods.  Having your own little stash of food for that first day can really be helpful as your first meals will be ordered for you.  You can also ask the staff for appropriate snacks.  Don’t be shy.  They have things available for patients and family.  Ask to order your meals as soon as is convenient so that you have a shot at getting something you might like rather than what might be ordered for you.  A good time to do this might be while you’re waiting for doctors and nurses to work through admitting pieces.  -KT