Be Comfortable

The hospital’s focus is on your medical treatment, but there’s more to getting well. The following are some general guidelines that have been found make hospital stays more comfortable.

  • The hospital lights and noises are not always conducive to sleeping.  Ear plugs and eye masks for patients or family members staying over can be very useful in terms of getting a better nights sleep.
  • If your condition is stable and vitals have been steady, you can ask to not be awakened at night for vital signs.  The doctor can write this order for you.
  • If the patient is unable to leave the room or would like to have exercize capabilities while in the room, you can ask for an exercize bike or therapy bands for strengthening.  Strong also has a Wi for the kids.   Someone from the Physical Therapy department should be stopping in to see you (your child); you can ask them if any of these things are available for use.  If you don’t see someone from physical therapy in the first few days, you can ask to have them paged.
  • There are movies and players available at both Strong and Highland, but it can sometimes be tricky to get these exactly when you want them, so you might want to bring up your own that could be played on a laptop.
  • The hospital room is your temporary space, but rooms are often rotating doors of visitors, doctors, nurses, cleaning staff, transportation, dietary.  Be smart about not advertising the fact that you have anything else of value in the room.  Keep purses, money, computers, etc.  put away so as not to be tempting.  If  possible, it is best to take valuables with you when leaving the room.  Better to be safe than sorry.

Here are some more personal tips:

 Attitude can make or break the day, the hour for that matter!  Being in the hospital is challenging.  I have found that patience with myself and others, perspective, one step at a time, and remembering to find reasons to smile or do what I enjoy are some of my best medicines for healing during my “tune-ups”.  – KT

Personalizing your room can make such a difference.  Decorating can help transform a sterile hospital room into your (your child’s) unique space.  There’s lots you can do with Christmas lights, fabric, cards, pictures, Hawaiian leis…. a favorite sports poster… music at a reasonable volume, your own blanket or pillow, or a favorite stuffed animal.  This can make world of difference! – KT

Bringing your own mug and teas or favorite juices can be nice. – KT

I like to open the curtains!   I get out of the room whenever I can.  Sunlight and fresh air do wonders! -KT