Hospital Help Packets

Hospitalizations can be stressful times for CF patients and their families. In an effort to relieve some of that stress, CFFC provides Hospital Help Packets to fund some of the costs not covered by health insurance.

  • The most significant component of the Hospital Help Packet are passes to cover the cost of parking family members and other visitors. The number of parking passes included in the packets is based on average hospital stays. Additional parking stickers can be requested through the social worker if needed for longer hospitalizations.

  • The packets also include a small cash stipend to purchase food or beverages to supplement the hospital diet, treat your visitors or fund an “escape” day.

In addition to a reminder of the packet contents, we have included links for connecting with CFFC: website, Facebook and mailing list. In addition to URL addresses, we have provided QR codes for easy access from your phone.

How do I get a Hospital Help Packet?

Hospital Help Packets are distributed to CF patients upon admission to the hospital. At Golisano Children’s Hospital, the packets are distributed by the nursing staff on the CF floor. The Respiratory Department distributes the packets at Highland Hospital.

Hospital Help Packets are available to patients with CF regardless of the reason for admission or location of the patient’s room. If you are admitted to other than the standard CF floor, contact the CF nurses at Golisano or the Respiratory Department at Highland to obtain a packet.

If you experience difficulty with obtaining your Hospital Help Packet, contact CFFC by e-mail to: [email protected].