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Resources for Supporting Families Coping with Chronic Illness

While cystic fibrosis presents many unique challenges, people living with CF share experiences with individuals dealing with other chronic illnesses. Online MSW Programs produced a comprehensive list of resources to provide relevant information to cope with the demands associated with chronic illness. You can find these useful resources at:

This link has been added to our Information Resources section on the Life with CF page.

As stated at the opening of this link: “Receiving a diagnosis of a chronic illness can upend the lives of patients and their families. Everything from daily routines to family dynamics must shift to accommodate a new normal brought on by the illness. Access to the right resources can make facing this challenge a little easier for families and caregivers.”

The resources compiled by Online MSW Programs cover all aspects of the support system for the chronically ill. Their links are divided into the following categories:

  • Family Members with Chronic Illness
  • Family Caregivers
  • Adults with a Chronically Ill Parent
  • Children with a Chronically Ill Parent
  • Parents and Caretakers with a Chronically Ill Child
  • Siblings of a Chronically Ill Child
  • Grandparents with a Chronically Ill Grandchild
  • Partners of a Chronically Ill Spouse
  • Social Workers and Other Care Providers
  • Community Organizations and Employers
  • Educators and Schools

The Online MSW Program’s article also includes a section entitled “How Can Social Workers Support Families Affected by a Chronic Illness?” This section offers suggestions in psychosocial assessments, care coordination, supportive counseling and connection to resources. While these topics are geared to social workers, the contents may help CF patients and families initiate conversations with their care teams.

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