Support CFFC – Help Us Help Others

PiggyBank2We appreciate your financial support for CFFC’s programs. CFFC resources are used exclusively for the benefit of the CF community – patients and their families – served by the Rochester CF Center. These resources are raised in three ways:

  • Direct donations from individuals
  • Corporate sponsorships solicited from businesses associated with CF in conjunction with CF Education Day
  • Community-based sponsorships solicited in conjunction with the Living with CF Golf Tournament

CFFC only solicits direct donations once a year in a year-end giving appeal. Of course, donations are accepted at ay time of the year. Also, individuals may raise money for CFFC through their participation in fundraising events (such as the George Eastman House Photo Finish 5K) or designating CFFC as a memorial charity.

How do I make a donation?

Direct donations can be made by checks payable to Cystic Fibrosis Family Connection (or simply CFFC). Checks can be mailed to:

PO Box 93328
Rochester, NY  14692

If you prefer electronic payments, click the “Donate to CFFC” button that appears in the right hand margin of this page – and most other pages on the site. This button launches the process to make payments securely through PayPal. You do not need a personal PayPal account to use this Donate button; you can also charge donations directly to your MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express card, or your bank debit card. PayPal charges a minimal administrative fee for processing these donations.

You can also generate donations to CFFC by making purchases through the Amazon Smile program. For more information on this option, check our Support CFFC through Amazon Smile page.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes, CFFC is recognized by the IRS as a 501(3)(c) charitable organization; therefore, your donations to CFFC can be included in your itemized deductions for federal income taxes. CFFC is also registered with the New York State Department of Law, Bureau of Charities.

How is my donation used?

Donations typically go into CFFC’s general fund to finance direct benefits to CF patients and their families. Our primary support program helps offset the costs associated with hospital stays, clinic visits and more.

  • A $5 donation covers the parking passes included in two Clinic Sunshine Baggies distributed at pediatric clinic visits.
  • A $10 donation provides a food stipend at both Golisano Children’s and Highland Hospitals to supplement (or replace) the meal served in the patient’s room. Anyone who has ever endured a hospital stay knows what a boost an “outside” meal can be.
  • $35 will provide parking passes for visitors the duration of a typical hospitalization.
  • $200 would provide the maximum emergency fund grant.

As with any organization, CFFC has some administrative costs. However, since its inception, administration expenses (e.g., post office box rent) have accounted for less than 10% of total costs.

See our Finances page for a graphic display of how CFFC resources have been used.