Tune Up Tins

Tune-Up Tins are designed to give you a break from the routine and boredom that come with extended hospital stays in two ways. A good way to break routine is to get some refreshments that you won’t find on the hospital menu (like chips, Gatorade, etc,). And there’s nothing like puzzles, crafts or cards to beat back monotony.

As much as we care for the CF community, we are not mind readers. That leads to the most important part of the program. We want you to tell us what to put in your Tune-Up Tin! Just send a quick email to:


Include your name, date of admission, room number, a phone number and your favorite guilty pleasures (snacks, drinks, puzzle books, craft kits, magazine, etc.). Or you can simply submit the form at the bottom of this page.

Once we get your email, we’ll do our best to fill your request within our budget. Our goal is to personally deliver your Tune-Up Tin (similar to the one in this picture) within one day. That way, we can have a quick visit when we drop off your tin full of goodies.

Another key element of this new program is that the Tune-Up Tin does not replace the Hospital Help Packet. You still get your parking passes!

At this time, Tune-Up Tins are only offered to CFFC adult community members. Each adult with CF will be eligible to request a Tin for 2 hospitalizations per year. If all goes well, we will expand this opportunity to our pediatric patients.

Feel free to send us an email if you have any questions.

Tune Up Tin Request