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Vote Safely in 2020

In recognition of the policy issues that may have a significant impact on the CF community, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is offering information on those issues as well as guidance avoiding health risks while exercising your right to vote. Their announcement, including useful links, follows.

Exercising your right to vote is an important way to advocate for people with cystic fibrosis. While participating in the 2020 General Election may look different this year due to COVID-19, you can follow these simple steps to stay safe while making your voice heard: 

Make sure you are registered to vote

Learn your state’s processes and deadlines for safe voting, including options to vote by mail


Before you cast your ballot, familiarize yourself with the issues that matter to the CF community, including:

Safeguarding protections for people with pre-existing conditions

Maintaining strong funding for groundbreaking research and drug development

Extending paid family and medical leave to high-risk individuals during COVID-19

Broadening access to telehealth services

It’s important to ask questions of candidates to understand how their positions would impact the CF community.


Regardless of the election’s outcome, the CF Foundation will continue to advocate tirelessly with and for the CF community until CF stands for Cure Found.


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