The presentation by Dr. Steven Freedman at the 38th Kit Taylor Memorial Lecture met the high expectations we have developed for this annual event. His discussion, Beyond the Lungs – the New GI Frontier in CF, packed a lot of information in the time allocated for the lecture. Once again, the lecture was recorded so you can view (or review) the program at:

The 38th Annual Kit Taylor Memorial Lecture

Due to a technical glitch, those attending the lecture through the webcast were unable to submit questions. Dr. Freedman has graciously agreed to respond to questions submitted over the next week. After viewing the lecture, you can send your questions via e-mail to CFFC using this address: [email protected]. We will compile all to the questions received by April 20th and submit them to Dr. Freedman. His responses will be published on this web site.

Dr. Freedman opened the lecture with his observation that people living with CF need specialty specialists. That is, specialists who are aware of the unique manifestations attributable to CF. For example, an endocrinologist needs to know that CF-related diabetes is distinct from type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Dr. Freedman also became aware that he was part of a very small group of GI specialists who recognized the differentiation in gastrointestinal issues between the CF and non-CF populations.

The good news is that Dr. Freedman has turned his observations into action. Under the auspices of the CF Foundation, he is leading the Developing Innovative Gastrointestinal Specialty Training (DIGEST) initiative. The goal of this effort is to not only increase the number of professionals with expertise in CF GI issues, but also to provide guidance that can help the GI community at large deliver better care to their patients with CF.

To get the complete picture of the important – and exciting – DIGEST program, watch the recorded lecture. And send questions you have for Dr. Freedman to [email protected].