CFFC has developed a variety of programs to fulfill our mission of supporting people living with CF, and their families, in the daily struggle with CF. Each of our ongoing programs is listed below. Click on “Read More” within the description to access details of the program.


CF is often referred to as an invisible disease. With the infection prevention protocols, it can also be an isolating disease. CFFC offers programs that let recipients know we understand their circumstances and care about their well-being. Our on-going support programs – Hospital Help Packets, Clinic Baggies and Holiday Decor – are targeted to times that may be most stressful. Occasionally, CFFC designs an offer to meet a specific situation, such as the Face Mask Offer at the onset of the COVID pandemic.


Cystic Fibrosis is a complex disease. There is a wide range of treatments which are evolving rapidly. Learning about the many aspects of CF and staying up to date on care options is a key strategy in meeting day-to-day challenges. CFFC facilitates self-education through this website, our Facebook page, an email newsletter and Education Day events.

Our website connects you to stable information sources such as the CFFC programs listed on this page and useful links to other sites. For current issues, we post links to personal stories, research news and other relevant topics on our Facebook page.


Like many chronic illnesses, CF comes with significant financial burdens. Families living with CF often find gaps in their available resources to cover necessary expenses. CFFC can help with needs that don’t fit other assistance programs.

The emergency fund offers grants up to $500 and the Andrew W Eve Memorial Scholarship Fund makes awards up to $1,000. People with greater financial needs should contact Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Compass program or Rochester’s Just Breathe Foundation.