Education Day

CFFC Education day combines our objectives of sharing relevant information and mitigating the isolation associated with CF.

Education Day was launched as a full day event which offered a CF Center update, a keynote speaker and a variety of discussion groups for different age groups (hence the original name: Family Day). Responding to time demands, the event was pared back to an evening gathering focused on one topic and related discussions. Then came COVID and our conversion to a virtual event.

In 2024, we are again adapting to the changing environment. The event will again be geared to CF families with a little education thrown in. Details are available on the CFFC calendar. See: Family Day 2024.

The topic and time of each year’s event are announced in news posts on this site, on our Facebook page and in our email newsletter. Summaries of the events are published on this site with references on our Facebook page and in the email newsletter. Our virtual events are recorded and links to the programs are included in the event summary. Links to past event summaries are presented below.

Education Day serves another dual purpose. The event provides an opportunity to interact with businesses that benefit the CF community. In exchange, those businesses act as sponsors to cover the costs of the event and other CF programs. A list of sponsors is presented below.

Education Day Summaries

The following list presents the event year, the theme, the keynote speaker(s) and supplemental information included in the summary. The theme links to the event summary.

2022 – Pursuing Mental Wellness – Leisha Cuddihy, Lauren Shea-Warner, Chris Kvam, Kori Tolbert, Amanda Healey, Gillian Mocek, Stacey Smith – program recording

2021 – Adapting to the Evolution of Care – Gunnar and Darcy Esiason – program recording

The 2020 event was cancelled due to the risks of COVID. Unfortunately, no summary was published for the 2019 program with Jerry Cahill.

2018 – CFF Compass Program – Jackie Henry – keynote slides

2017 – What’s happening at our clinics and hospitals – Dr. Karen Voter, Dr. Steven Scofield, Dr. Tiffany Pulcino

2016 – Patients as Partners: Creating Authentic Healthcare Teams through Shared Language – Tiffany Christensen

2015 – Be the Change – Lynn Feenan – keynote slides

2014 – An Integrative/Holistic Approach to CF Care – Dr. John Mark – keynote slides

Education Day Sponsors

Vendor NameNumber of YearsMost Recent
Vertex Pharmaceuticals52018
Cystic Fibrosis Services42017
Forrest Laboratories32016
Gilead Sciences22017
Kroger Specialty Pharmacy12018