CFFC is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors drawn from the CF community. The current members of the CFFC management team are:

  • Donna Germuga (director, CF caregiver)
  • Anne Governor (director, CF adult)
  • Chrisanne Mansfield (director, CF caregiver)
  • Karly Schuhart (director, president, CF sibling)
  • Tammy Schuhart (director, CF parent)
  • Greg Smith (secretary-treasurer, founding member, CF parent)


We also want to acknowledge our original board of directors – the co-founders of CFFC:

  • Valerie Davis (president, CF Parent)
  • Sue Smith (vice president, CF Parent)
  • Donna Scribani (secretary, CF Parent)
  • Bill Eve (CF Parent)
  • Robin Masling (CF Parent)
  • Liz McKinley
  • Sheila Taylor (CF Parent)