From time to time, CFFC receives a thank you from someone we have served. Some examples are presented below.

  • “CFFC has meant so much to me. The clinic parking stickers, the Hospital Help Packets, camp assistance and Family Days were such gifts growing up. Even more importantly though, having an organization that has been a source of belonging, that reaches out in ways that say, we care about what you’re going through. That is the most profound gift that CFFC has to offer.” – KT
  • CFFC has provided parking passes to our family many times in the past several years.  Because a hospitalization means decreased paychecks and increased expenses such as more gasoline, extra meals out, etc., the parking passes have triggered a prayer of gratitude many times as I passed through the gate without having to pay.  It’s also a deeply appreciated touch of kindness at the end of what can often be long and tiring days at the hospital with a loved one who is ill.  More recently, being involved with CFFC has provided an opportunity to make friends that like our family, are trying to live life to its fullest while balancing the challenges that living with CF can create.  Thank you, CFFC! – LB

On September 12, 2012, CFFC hosted a Community Gathering. In addition to bringing together all parts of the local CF community, we wanted the opportunity to express appreciation for the good fortune of the past year. Here are the thank you notes posted that night on our Gratitude Board:

  • Thanks to everyone for being here
  • Sandy Trott and The Distillery for hosting us
  • Thank you Doug Booth and respiratory department at Highland for managing the Hospital Help Packets
  • Thank you Chrisanne (Mansfield) for handling our Hospital Help Packets at Strong
  • Thank you Donna (Germuga) for helping us spread the word and on-going support
  • Care providers rock! Love you all!
  • Robin Lead for on-going Tournament support
  • Thanks for the party on the roof!
  • Thank you Forward crew for helping CFFC with our identity
  • Thanks to Kalman (Zsamboky) for setting up – and hosting – the CFFC Web site
  • Steve (Scofield), Rob (Horowitz) and all the staff at CMG for commitment and love!
  • Starry Nights for treats and gift certificates
  • Thanks for getting the word out about CFF (Rochester chapter)
  • Greg Smith for holding the CFFC fort down!
  • Thank you for the gift of Kori (Tolbert)! She brightens my days, gives me hope and makes me appreciate the world around me. To my hero! Love you!