Another Educational Day

CFFC held another Education Day on August 4th. It was different from previous years because it was virtual rather than in person. However, it was like our prior events in the most important way: it was very informative.

Through their stories, Gunnar and Darcy Esiason gave us first person views of “Adapting to the Evolution of Care.” As promised, their presentations were entertaining as well as instructional.

The learning extended into the question and answer segment of the program. Our participants played a key role by posing thoughtful questions on a range of topics. We even got to see Darcy and Gunnar formulate their approach to a parenting issue.

There’s no need to go into detail on the presentation or the Q&A. One of the benefits of the virtual session is a full recording of the event. If you missed the live broadcast of Education Day (or you want to relive the experience), you can watch a video of the program. Just click here to access the recording.

We also thank our sponsors, Viatris and Vivus, for their financial support of Education Day.