07/01/2022Antibiotic Switch Not Seen to Improve Lung Function After Flare – Finding the right “cocktail” to treat a lung exacerbation can be a challenge. This study adds complexity to the process.

07/02/2022Works by the CF Community: Summer 2022 – If you’re looking for vacation reading, here are some suggestions that you may find relevant and rewarding.

07/03/2022How I’m Healing From PTSD Caused by Medical Trauma – After reading this story about coming to grips with mental well-being, you might be inspired to sign up for CFFC’s Education Day to hear other stories and suggestions on how to cope.

07/04/2022How I Learned to Live With Bronchiectasis and CF – Continuous learning is a key skill in managing life with CF.

07/05/2022Bacteriophages: learning more about these microbial puppet masters in cystic fibrosis – You may have heard about phage therapy for CF lung infections. However, this article points out that not all phage are beneficial to human health and a more complete understanding is needed.

07/06/2022Let’s Maintain Hope, Even When History Repeats Itself – An interesting perspective on the history of CF; even a correlation to “West Side Story.”

07/07/2022Trikafta After CF Lung Transplant: Not Well-tolerated, Modest Benefits – Since Trikafta has a positive impact on CF symptom beyond the lungs, you might wonder whether lung transplant recipients would benefit from the CFTR modulator. This study suggests that Trikafta may not be appropriate post-transplant but also recommends further study.

07/08/2022Cystic Fibrosis Trust releases brand new animation to teach children about CF – CF and CF treatments explained by kids in terms kids can understand. You might find this a useful tool for educating young relatives and school mates.

07/09/2022Community Stories – Joseph Faguy – This brief article contains the moment that CF became “real” for a young boy.

07/10/2022Kaftrio Eases Abdominal Symptoms Among CF Patients in Germany, UK – It should not come as a surprise that a CFTR modulator would address problems in organs beyond the lungs.

07/12/2022 How Pancreatitis Led to My CF Diagnosis – An interesting – and sad – story of delayed CF diagnosis.

07/13/2022Register for Education Day – Less than a month to go to CFFC’s Education Day “Pursuing Mental Wellness.” Click this link to register for the program: https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_FjlcwNYcSne6E37X0L3BTQ

07/14/2022Measuring Tissue Stiffness May Help Diagnose CF Liver Disease – As said before, the improvements in treatments for lung disease has allowed for greater attention to the impact CF has on other organs.

07/15/2022Generic Ivacaftor is One Step Closer in the US – Although the title sounds like a news bulletin, Gunnar Esiason uses this blog to discuss the economics and politics of drug pricing.