10/16/2022Using iPSCs, researchers create cells that represent the airways of cystic fibrosis patients – This research demonstrated that a patient’s lung cells could be produced in a lab allowing testing for individualized treatments. The research was aimed at finding treatments for individuals who do not benefit from CFTR modulators.

10/17/2022 – CFFC’s Expanded Holiday Decor Offer – A reminder to get your orders in by October 25th. See the article for details. [Offer now closed]

10/18/2022Becoming a Chef Has Helped With My CF – As this blogger notes, people living with CF have a challenging relationship with food. His resolution is unique but may give you some ideas on winning the battle.

10/19/2022Gene Editing Corrects CF Mutation in Multiple Organs All at Once – Since CF impacts multiple organs, this research promises a comprehensive approach to a gene editing treatment. The variance in results suggests further study is necessary.

10/20/2022“My motto is ‘communication, communication, communication’”: CF nurse Tes retires after 19 years in CF specialist services – Tes, the nurse interviewed in this article, worked as a CF nurse in the UK. Reading her observations will confirm the notion that core values of nursing and CF care are universal.

10/22/2022Yet Another Test to Find the CFTR Modulators That Work for Me – This story has two messages: (1) CFTR modulators don’t yet work for everyone living with CF, and (2) don’t give up hope.

10/23/2022Finding an Identity Beyond CF and Motherhood – The expanding expectations for life with CF expand call for a reevaluation of the what the future is like.

10/24/2022Diwali and cystic fibrosis: How our community are celebrating this year – A reminder that CF affects multiple cultures – and the common challenge of fitting CF into your family traditions.

10/25/2022Pain relief without side effects and addiction – While this research is not directly related to cystic fibrosis, pain management is often an element of CF care. Pain relief without the risk of respiratory depression and addiction would be a significant improvement.

10/26/2022Lucy Baxter: “A podcast is such a personal and intimate form of communication” – If you’re into podcasts and hearing more about CF life experiences, you might enjoy this resource. The Scottish accent is a bonus.

10/27/2022Worse CF Detection in Genetic Screening for US Ethnic Groups – The analysis in this article points to the need for a more inclusive design in neonatal screening for CF.

10/28/2022Researchers take key step toward improving treatment of cystic fibrosis – This research offers a promising approach to gene therapy.

10/29/2022What You Need to Know: Accumulators, Maximizers, and People With CF – You may have noticed that Vertex (and perhaps other pharmas) has changed it’s copay assistance program. The CF Foundation has a guide to help you through the assistance programs.

10/30/2022Understanding new research on bowel cancer and cystic fibrosis – This article summarizes a study dealing with one of the downsides of longer life with CF. Note: The article includes a link to the full research report.

10/31/2022Caring for My Newborn With CF and My Mental Health – Mental health issues arising from CF are not limited to those who have CF,