CFFC Facebook Posts Week of 1/14

Seven posts were made to the CFFC Facebook page during the week of 1/14-20/2024.

01/14/2024Alice’s story: Travelling with CF – There are a lot observations in this story: learning to take responsibility for treatments, a difficult adjustment to Kaftrio (Trikafta), making the most of what life has to offer.

01/15/2024Sail’s eRNA may result in long-lasting CFTR production – Research continues to find CFTR treatments that work regardless of mutation.

01/16/2024How Pharmacy School Changed My Perspective on CF – It’s not really surprising that this young woman came to realize that her experiences with CF made her highly qualified for a career in pharmacy.

01/17/2024I didn’t choose to have a double-lung transplant; I chose to live – Although this story begins with the transplantation decision, it concludes with advice for respecting the experiences of others.

01/18/2024Squishy, metal-free magnets to power robots and guide medical implants – More science that, while not directly related to CF, could have application for improved delivery of medications and improved MRI diagnosis.

01/19/2024“I hope that Jenny continues to heal and has improved health with new developments.”: Dad Ivan shares Jenny’s story – This is a story of a courageous young woman who found another artistic outlet after CF deprived her of singing.

01/20/20242 imaging techniques can detect liver issues in CF children: Study – Liver disease is a significant issue in the CF community. This study indicates that two non-invasive techniques could be viable alternatives to biopsy and, thereby, offer earlier diagnosis of liver issues.