CFFC Facebook Posts Week of 11/5

Six posts were made to the CFFC Facebook page during the week of 11/5-11/2023.

11/05/2023Older & Wiser: The complexities of ageing with cystic fibrosis with Dr. Anne Stephenson 

– Cystic Fibrosis Canada is funding a study that “explores the changing demographics of people with CF and the emerging conditions.” The article includes a link to a webinar on the study.

11/06/2023What the Promise of Genetic Therapies Means to Me – This blogger reports on the plenary session at the North American Cystic Fibrosis Conference that dealt with the progress being made in genetic therapies. A link to the session recording is included in the blog.

11/07/20234D-710 leads to quality of life gains for CF patients in clinical trial – Yesterday’s post was a personal view of the promise of gene therapy. This article reports on an interim report from a clinical that shows encouraging results.

11/08/2023Lucy and the 65 Roses EP – This young musician has produced a music album that relays her life with CF.

11/10/2023New antifungal molecule kills fungi without toxicity in human cells, mice – This article does not mention CF specifically; however, the research could be good news. People living with CF are susceptible to fungal infections and would certainly benefit from an antifungal treatment that does not add strain to the kidneys.

11/11/2023The Future for Many Lies in Advancing Infection Research – This blogger relates her experiences to the second plenary session at the North American Cystic Fibrosis Conference. The story includes a link to the session, “Micro-Management: The Changing Face of CF Infection.”