CFFC Facebook Posts Week of 2/4

Five posts were made to the CFFC Facebook page during the week of 2/4-10/2024.

02/05/2024Treatment with Kaftrio may help ease sinus disease in CF children – Research continues to explore the impact Trikafta (Kaftrio) has on organs beyond the lungs.

02/07/2024CF Does Not Define Me – Defining yourself is part of maturing. In this story, the process also included becoming comfortable with openness about CF with friends and community.

02/08/2024Blood fats rise with Trikafta, but no direct link to weight gain seen – Modifying the “eat whatever you want” advice is among the many changes associated with Trikafta. This research is part of the effort to get a better understanding of the impact of Trikafta on weight gain.

02/09/2024Jessica’s Pregnancy with Cystic Fibrosis – Jessica’s story highlights the many considerations in finding one’s “right” path through life with CF. The article includes and audio link (48 minutes) and a text summary of the key elements.

02/10/2024New triple-combo CFTR modulator bests Trikafta in Phase 3 trials – These new trial results provide qualified good news. The best news is that the search for better CFTR modulators continues even with the success of the existing options. This report does not disclose range of mutations present in the trial population, so there is no news on whether this product expands the universe of individuals who would benefit. The single sentence about the safety concerns at the end of the article also dampens the enthusiasm.