CFFC Facebook Posts Week of 3/10

Six posts were made to the CFFC Facebook page during the week of 3/10-16/2024.

03/10/2024Nanoparticle could deliver genetic therapy to lungs, study finds – Two interesting discoveries in this article. Most importantly, researchers have identified a technique for delivering corrected RNA to the lungs. The researchers also developed a technique that accelerates their search for useful RNA therapies.

03/11/2024Coping With Unexpected Health Complications – CF my not define your life but, as this blogger describes, CF may prompt you to redefine your life.

03/12/2024NY State chooses administrator for CF medical costs aid program – Advocacy efforts by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation helped in the reauthorization of New York’s Adult Cystic Fibrosis Assistance Program. This article discusses the designation of an organization to administer the program.

03/13/2024Tips For Traveling Abroad With CF – You might find this blog helpful if your starting to plan a summer vacation. Although geared to travel in Europe, many of the recommendations are useful for visiting our neighboring countries or even extended trips in the US.

03/14/2024New Survival Milestone for Cystic Fibrosis Is Cause for Celebration But Not Inaction – We are always pleased to acknowledge all of the advances that have improved life with CF. This analysis from Canada’s CF Registry is a reminder that that is more work that needs to be done.

03/16/2024Add Your Voice to Advocacy – Contact your legislators to encourage the passage of two important pieces of legislation.