CFFC Facebook Posts Week of 3/17

Seven posts were made to the CFFC Facebook page during the week of 2/17-23/2024.

03/17/2024Study shows important role gut microbes play in airway health in persons with cystic fibrosis –This research reinforces an holistic approach to treating CF.

03/18/2024Dear Moms of Children With CF – One of the adjectives that describe CF is “lonely.” This mom is reaching out to let her peers know they are not alone.

03/19/2024Small Group Discussion – Body Image – Body image can be a significant issue for individuals living with CF. The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is hosting an opportunity to share your experiences with, and learn from, your peers.

03/20/2024The big questions in CF research: highlights from the UK CF Clinical Trials Conference – Research goes on all around the world. Here’s a report on the status of research in the UK.

03/21/2024 Navigating the role reversal of becoming a caregiver for my mom – Longer lives resulting from improvements in CF treatments have produced situations not previously imagined. Years of being a “care receiver” is good training for a care giver.

03/22/2024Milk to the rescue for diabetics? Cow produces human insulin in milk – Isn’t science wonderful? Don’t get the wrong idea from the headline; you won’t get your insulin dose by drinking milk. The milk would provide a cost effective source for processing insulin.

03/23/2024Finding Hope: Life Without CFTR Modulators – This blog is focused on the segment of the CF community that don’t benefit from CFTR modulators but we can all empathize with those who live outside the treatment that garners most of the headlines.