CFFC Facebook Posts Week of 5/14

Seven posts were made to the CFFC Facebook page during the week of 5/14-20/2023.

05/14/2023Help Define Education Day 2023 – CFFC is seeking your input to plan the 2023 edition of Education Day so that our program is relevant and convenient.

05/15/2023Reflections on your experiences of Orkambi, Symkevi and Kaftrio – UK’s Cystic Fibrosis Trust shared a summary of the responses to a survey of the experiences with CFTR modulators.

05/16/2023A Tribute to My Mom’s Selfless Dedication – This should have been posted on Sunday, but recognizing the wonders of our mothers is something we can do every day.

05/17/2023CF patient 1st in US to undergo lung imaging with Xenoview – Pulmonologists may be gaining a new tool to evaluate the efficiency of lungs of CF patients.

05/18/2023“My mental health deserves the same care and respect as my physical health”: Izzie’s mental health story – Like any chronic disease, CF takes a toll on mental, as well as physical, health. This blogger shares her experience and haw she has dealt with the challenge.

05/19/2023Cellular screen identifies therapies that may help boost CFTR function – Researchers in the Netherlands have developed a technique that can be used to identify compounds that improve CFTR funtionality regardless of the specific mutations.

05/20/2023Learning to Make CF Treatments Fun for My 4-Year-Old Son – This story highlights two important components of dealing with raising a child with CF: a supportive care network (family as well as healthcare professionals) and creativity.