CFFC Facebook Posts Week of 6/16

Seven posts were made to the CFFC Facebook page during the week of 6/16-22/2024.

06/16/2024Cystic Fibrosis Community Perspectives Influence Future of CF Care Model – The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation shared the results of their survey of the CF community and suggests how the results will influence the standard of care.

06/17/2024“I want to be able to inspire people”: Rich’s story – Rich tells the story of his life before and after Kaftrio (Trikafta).

06/18/2024ARCT-032, therapy for all with CF, showing safety in Phase 1 trial – The search for effective CF treatments did not stop with the release of Trikafta. Gene therapy, such as the product described in this article, holds promise for treatment independent of the particular CFTR mutation.

06/19/2024“It feels so nice that Thiago was born at a time when everything has come so far” – A CF diagnosis is still scary, but the promise of current (and evolving) therapies can ease the concerns.

06/20/2024Bacterial communities show patterns in pulmonary exacerbation – This study identified two distinct patterns in severe lung infections which suggests a new variable in choosing the best treatment options.

06/21/2024How CF Shaped My College Journey – This is a story of a particular career choice; however, it is an example of someone taking a specific path because of (not despite) her experiences with CF.

06/22/2024Sweat health monitor measures levels of disease markers – The CF sweat test was not listed as one of the uses for this monitor, but other (non-invasive) measurements may be useful for people living with CF.