CFFC Facebook Posts Week of 6/23

Seven posts were made to the CFFC Facebook page during the week of 6/23-29/2024.

06/23/2024“I’m unbelievably proud of him. Nothing can hold him back” – Paul and Leo’s story – Leo has done well as far as typical CF symptoms but has had to deal with deafness.

06/24/2024Gene editing targeting lungs shows promise in preclinical study – Advances continue to be made in gene therapy. This article describes the avenues being pursued by one company.

06/25/2024Owning My Story – This blogger shares his feeling of affirmation after acknowledging his CF and his sexual orientation.

06/26/2024“Doing research in science is a privilege”: Professor Pietro Cicuta – Professor Cicuta’s research aims to improve the understanding of mucus clearance.

06/27/2024Slowing down after transplant to smell the roses — all 65 of them – This blogger shares her gratitude for her new life after transplantation.

06/28/2024Microrobot-packed pill shows promise for treating inflammatory bowel disease in mice – People living with CF may experience inflammatory bowel disease. This research may produce a non-drug treatment to help deal with this issue.

06/29/2024Understanding Changes in Life Expectancy – While quality of life is likely more important to people living with CF, life expectancy statistics are one measure of the effectiveness of available treatments. The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation has published a brief article explaining the source and use of the statistic.