CFFC Facebook Posts Week of 6/9

Six posts were made to the CFFC Facebook page during the week of 6/9-15/2024.

06/09/2024Could the world famous Roman Baths help scientists counter the challenge of antibiotic resistance? – As demonstrated in this story, modern day researchers can discover the science behind medicinal benefits touted for millennia.

06/10/2024CF Champion Mr. Saskatchewan Turns 100 – A heart-warming story of life long (and long life) dedication to make life better for those living with CF.

06/12/2024CF gene therapy 4D-710 improves lung function, data show – Continuing good news for those who do not benefit from CFTR modulators.

06/13/2024Reflecting on 50 Years of Volunteering – A couple of days ago we shared a story of a 100 year-old CF supporter in Canada. Today, we celebrate a the same age in the US.

06/14/2024New insights on polymicrobial infections in chronic lung diseases – Once again, basic research lays the groundwork for improvements to treatments. In this case, understanding the differing structures of bacterial infections can lead to more targeted antimicrobial treatment.

06/15/2024How I learned to become a patient care advocate for my daughter – Getting the best care requires speaking on behalf of your child. This mom reached that conclusion before her baby was born.