CFFC Facebook Posts Week of 9/10

Five posts were made to the CFFC Facebook page during the week of 9/10-16/2023.

09/10/2023Empowering everyone with CF to take part in clinical trials – This article deals with efforts in the UK to increase the diversity of participation in clinical trials. The underlying rationale is equally applicable in the US.

09/12/20237 habits that helped me comply with my CF treatment regimen – Establishing a consistent regimen is a big help in managing life with CF. This blogger describes the habits she developed to stay on top of the demands.

09/13/2023Fiber from crustaceans, insects, mushrooms promotes digestion – Are you an adventurous eater? This study (marginally related to CF) provides some suggestions for expanding your dietary choices to improve your digestion.

09/14/2023Golfers Give CFFC a Boost – You have to embrace those occasions when you can have fun while helping the local CF community.

09/15/2023Ready, set, DESIGN! – Another story about how CF creates a drive to achieve your dreams. One twist here is the late diagnosis.