CFFC Facebook Posts Week of 9/3

Seven posts were made to the CFFC Facebook page during the week of 9/3-9/2023.

09/03/2023Cystic Fibrosis: Jessica’s Story – “Letting go” is a difficult phase of parenthood. As with everything else, the challenge is greater when CF is involved. While this story was written a few years ago, the issues remain the same.

09/04/2023Why the CDC should mandate masks in medical facilities – As the fall flu season approaches, this blogger raises an important issue.

09/05/2023How I Manage My Daughter’s CF During the School Year – With school starting for most this week, this blogger provides some suggestions for a positive reentry.

09/06/2023Burning candles and fumes from cooking is harmful for people with mild asthma – This study was geared specifically to individuals with asthma but, as the article notes “its findings are interesting and relevant for all of us.”

09/07/2023Cystic Fibrosis: Evelyn’s Story – This story is a bit of a promotion for Johns Hopkins Hospital but elements of the story are common to the early days of life with CF.

09/08/2023New target may aid antibiotics in treating M. abscessus infection – This study points to a new weapon in the battle against resistent infections in CF airways.

09/09/2023How I Fulfilled My Dream of Graduating – Grit and determination are essential for life with CF. This story demonstrates the value of those attitudes.