Emergency Fund

Families living with CF often find gaps in financial resources to cover necessary expenses. Working with CF social workers, CFFC provides emergency financial assistance for expenses temporarily beyond the patient’s or family means. For example, CFFC has provided funds for transportation to the CF clinic, lodging for a transplant clinic visit, children’s bedding and purchase of prescription medications pending insurance.

Given demands on CFFC’s resources, emergency fund payments are limited to $200 per year per individual. People with greater financial needs should contact Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Compass program or Rochester’s Just Breathe Foundation.

The criteria and application process are easy. Discuss your emergency need with the CF clinic social worker, case manager or other member of the care team. The clinic staff then sends an email requesting the emergency support to info@cffamilyconnection.org. The email should provide the following information:

  1. The name of the individual requesting assistance
  2. A brief description of the purpose of the emergency assistance
  3. The amount requested
  4. The name of the payee for the emergency assistance [NOTE: payments can be made to third parties on behalf of the person living with CF.]
  5. The address to which the payment should be sent

CFFC’s emergency fund program is restricted to families who are served by the Rochester CF Center.