Hospital Help Program

Hospitalizations can be stressful times for CF patients and their families. In an effort to relieve some of that stress, CFFC established the Hospital Help Program (HHP) to assist with costs not covered by health insurance. The primary component of the HHP is a cash grant to any individual living with CF who is admitted to a hospital. In the case of a minor child, the grant will be made to a parent or custodian.

Individuals admitted to Golisano Children’s Hospital or Highland Hospital will receive a packet that includes links for the CFFC website, CFFC Facebook page and request to join the CFFC mailing list. The packet will also include the URL addresses and QR codes for the HHP applications.


There are only three eligibility criteria for the HHP grant:

  1. The individual must have CF.

  2. The individual must be served by the Rochester NY CF Center.

  3. The individual must be hospitalized for at least one overnight stay.

HHP eligibility is not affected by the reason for hospitalization or the hospital. For example, an HHP grant may be made for emergency surgery (e.g., appendicitis) at any hospital. Also, transplant evaluation and testing my require hospitalization either locally or at a transplant center. CFFC may confirm eligibility for an HHP grant with CF Center personnel.

HHP grants are limited to $500 per individual per year.

Grant Options

There are multiple options for making the HHP grant. Cash transfers can be made to individuals who have a PayPal or Venmo account. CFFC can also issue an e-gift card to the recipient’s email address. CFFC will find another option if the standard forms of the grant are not workable for the recipient.

The HHP grant process is initiated by completing an online application. Separate application forms have been created for each mode of payment (see links below). All applications require the following information:

  • Name of the individual living with CF

  • Name of the payee. In the case of minor children, this would be a responsible adult. Adults living with CF may also designate a spouse, significant other or other support person as the payee.

  • An email address to confirm approval of the grant or clarify information in the application

  • Name of the hospital

  • Date of admission to the hospital

  • Authorization for CFFC to contact CF Center personnel to confirm eligibility

PayPal – In addition to the standard information, you must provide your PayPal account ID which may be your name or an email address.

Venmo – In addition to the standard information, you must provide your Venmo account ID.

E-gift Card – No additional information is required for an e-gift card.

Other method – In addition to the standard information, you must provide your preferred mode(s) of payment or a request to discuss options.