The Kit Taylor Memorial Lecture never disappoints. The 36th installment of this annual event, held on April 4, 2016, continued the tradition of important and relevant topics presented by engaging speakers.

The 2016 guest lecturer was Dr. Patrick Sosnay speaking on CF Genetics: How Much Does  a CF Patient Need to Know? His presentation was a good mix of some familiar background information on what has been learned about the CFTR gene and the application of that information into three main areas of practice: diagnosis, prediction and treatment.

You can view a recording of the lecture (courtesy of the CF Center and URMC’s technology department) here: 36th Annual Kit Taylor Memorial Lecture You may experience a few minor glitches in the sound, but you won’t miss anything significant.

We encourage you to view the recording which runs a little over an hour. To whet your appetite, here are some highlights:

There was so much more to Dr. Sonsay’s presentation, so please find the time to view the whole video.