Order Your 2023 Holiday Decor

Although we haven’t had our first frost yet, it’s not too early to think ahead to the holiday season. CFFC is pleased to announce that we are now accepting¬† orders for decor to brighten the home of someone living with CF or a CF caregiver.

A member of the CFFC Board of Directors will deliver the selected decor to a person living with CF FREE of charge. If you want to recognize a favorite caregiver or supporter, you can arrange that delivery for a donation of $25.

Submit your order by November 1st for delivery at the end of November

We have three options for the 2023 holiday decor program. You can choose from one of the following:

  • 14″ Wreath with red bow
  • ¬†Poinsettia
  • Christmas cactus

Simply complete the form below to set up the holiday decor delivery. You can nominate more than one person; just complete the form for each nominee. Although the fields are optional, we ask you to provide: (a) for your email address so we can contact you if there are questions, and (b) the recipient’s phone number so we can contact her/him to arrange delivery.

If you are ordering decor for a CF caregiver, payment can be made using either PayPal or Venmo.

The holiday decor offer is open to the CF community served by the Rochester CF Center.