The Return of Family Day

Our board of directors regularly reviews CFFC’s programs to ensure they are meeting the needs of our local CF community. Our annual educational event is no exception to this approach.

Several years ago, our Education Day program was reduced to a three hour event targeted to family members and other supporters to address concerns about infection control. The COVID pandemic lead us to convert to a virtual program. While these changes met the goal of sharing information, the formats did not adequately promote the sense of community.

With prompts from a couple of sources (including input from a community member), the board of directors decided to return to the original Family Day program. There are plenty of details that need to be worked out, but we wanted to share some basic elements of the proposal.

  • We respect the importance of reasonable infection control protocols. A key in meeting this requirement will be selecting an outdoor venue. We are looking at facilities that provide activities for younger children as well as space for program options.
  • A date has not yet been set. Our target is late spring or summer 2024 when the weather is hospitable for an outdoor event.
  • We may offer some presentations; however, our focus will be creating a setting that encourages peer-to-peer connections.  We will also offer sponsors opportunities to interact directly with attendees.
  • In order to focus our attention on building a successful Family Day 2024, we have chosen to call off plans for an Education Day in 2023.

As noted before, we are in the early stages of planning Family Day 2024. We would love to hear from our community to help us build a meaningful event. Please send an email to [email protected] to share your ideas on program or venue, or express concerns that need to be addressed in the event design.

Stay tuned! We’ll provide updates as planning progresses.