Dr. Andrea Kelly provided interesting insight on the evolving world of adults with CF in her presentation, “The Intersection of Cystic Fibrosis & Endocrinology,” at the 39th Annual Kit Taylor Memorial Lecture. Through the use of case studies, she increased our understanding of the impacts CF has on the endocrine system. Dr. Kelly also emphasized the importance of educating the medical community at large to the unique challenges CF presents in the body beyond the lungs.

For those who were unable to attend (or attendees who want to refresh their memory), the staff at the CF pediatric clinic have arranged access to a recording of the lecture. You can find the lecture at:


Be advised that there is a bit of an echo in the audio track due to the use of the room’s speaker system. The tech staff did a good job addressing the issue to make the commentary understandable.

The Kit Taylor Lecture page published under the Golisano Pediatric Pulmonology department also contains links to the four most recent lectures (2016-2019). You can find those links at: