Expense Categories

The graphs on the Finances page display summaries of the information in CFFC’s financial records. The following explanations describe the various components of expenses.

Patient Benefits covers the range of expenditures for the direct benefit of CF patients. These benefits are primarily delivered through our on-going programs: Hospital Help Program, Clinic Baggies, Holiday Decor, and the Andrew W. Eve Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Information Support covers the programs designed to make information available to the CF community.  This category includes the costs associated with our annual education event, the operation of this web site and periodic events such as the showing of The Power of Two.

Emergency Support covers occasional grants to CF patients or their families to meet unanticipated costs that are beyond the individual’s financial means. See Emergency Fund.

Administration covers the expenses associated with the operation of CFFC such as post office box rent and annual filing fees. A significant portion of the cumulative total are the start up costs associated with incorporation and obtaining tax-exempt status.