Revenue Categories

The graphs on the Finances page display summaries of of the information in CFFC’s financial records. The following explanations describe the various components of revenues.

Donations are unrestricted moneys received from individuals or groups, often unsolicited. In some cases, these moneys are generated by fundraisers organized by someone other than CFFC (e.g., school group in honor of CF student).

Memorials are unrestricted moneys donated in memory of an individual. Frequently, it is a CF patient but it may be anyone who has designated CFFC as a memorial charity. Records are maintained to show each individual person in whose name moneys have been given.

Fundraising (net) represents the proceeds from events run by CFFC which are designed primarily to raise money for the organization (for example, Living with CF Golf Tournament). Records are maintained for each event that show gross income and the expenses associated with the event; however, the graph represents the net amount raised.

Registration Fees are moneys collected from attendees at an event which is not primarily a fund raiser. CFFC no longer charges a registration fee for Education Day.

Grants are gifts from an organization which have been designated to fund a specific purpose (for example, providing toys for pediatric patients). Records are maintained for each specific grant. Typically, CFFC would not undertake the designated purpose without the grant.

Program Sponsors are amounts contributed in support of specific CFFC programs (for example, contributions from various organizations to support Education Day). Records are maintained to show the particular program being sponsored. “Program sponsors” relate to a program CFFC will operate regardless of outside assistance.

Interest is the amount earned on bank deposits, including interest allocated to the Andrew Eve Memorial Scholarship Fund.