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CFFC Facebook Posts – April 2019 – Part 1

04/01/2019 – –What I Wish People Knew About Lung Transplants – Some thoughts from a person waiting for a transplant.

04/02/2019Thank you Dansville Pre-K – This is the kind of story we love to share. CFFC is honored to be the beneficiary of this project.

04/03/2019I Work Next to CF Experts, and I Know They Really Care – A reassuring message from someone who works with the folks advancing our knowledge of CF.

04/04/2019Jack Goodwin: The Handbook For How To Date Someone With CF – This writer’s “wish I had known” story points out the feeling of isolation that may be experienced by those coping with CF.

04/05/2019Organ Donation and Cystic Fibrosis – April is the second most important month for educating the community at large about CF. (May is CF Awareness Month, April is Organ Donation Awareness Month). Here are some thoughts on this topic from the Canadian CF community.

04/06/2019Virus that Infects Bacteria Turns Immune Response Away from P. aeruginosa, Study Shows – This article not only contains interesting information about the relationship between bacteria, viruses and your immune system, but it also raises the possibility of a vaccine to inhibit Pseudomonas.

04/07/2019CF Foundation Joins Amicus Brief in Support of Critical Patient Protections and Coverage Expansion – This is a big deal and it’s good to see that there are many organizations working on this issue.

04/08/2019Discovery shows how mucus build-up, not infections, triggers cystic fibrosis lung damage – This study suggests that earlier treatments for inflammation (before significant bacterial infections) could delay lung damage.

04/09/2019Choline Supplementation Improves Lung Function, Liver Health in CF Patients, Study Shows – Just what you need – another pill. But, if it can improve lung and liver function, it may be worth it.

04/10/201910 Ways To Redefine Success as a Parent of a Kid With CF – Some good advice from a CF mom.

04/11/2019Pharmacy Benefit Managers In the Spotlight – While some of this blog presents Gunnar Esiason’s personal opinions on government and insurance, there are also some facts that may be of interest to you.

04/12/2019Large Sugar Molecule Disrupts B. cepacia Bacteria from CF Patients, Study Shows – Treatment probably does not include eating large candy bars, but this research is promising for reducing the threat of B. cepacia.

04/13/2019Relearning My Body After Getting on Symdeko®– With the writer’s advisory that everyone’s response is different, she has an interesting story of her experience with Symdeko.

04/14/2019CF Life – Spring 2019 – CF Trust recently released the latest issue of their magazine, “CF Life.” The feature story looks back three decades to the discovery of the CF gene and all the work spawned by that discovery. There are many other interesting articles.

04/15/2019Does Having CF Affect a Career Negatively or Positively? – This article illustrates the variability of life with CF.

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