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CFFC Facebook Posts – December 2017 – Part 1

For our web visitors who do not follow CFFC on Facebook, here are the posts added in the first half of December 2017.

12/01/2017This Wristband Can Detect Cystic Fibrosis and Diabetes – Research can improve diagnosis as well as treatment.

12/02/2017Understanding the Science of CF Gives Me a Sense of Control – Like Tré LaRosa, the author of this article, many of us gain some comfort by learning more about the scientific basis for the manifestations of CF.

12/04/2017Health of people with cystic fibrosis shows positive trends in US and Canada – Analysis of data shows improvements in lung function and nutrition; key indicators in overall CF health.

10/05/2017Why I Refuse to Let My Lung Function Define My Life – This story not only displays and indomitable spirit, but also the complexities of CF treatment decisions.

12/06/2017Nasal Cells Could Predict Response to CFTR-targeted Therapies, New Study Finds – Another advance in the promise of tailored treatments.

12/07/2017Breathe In Ep. #9 – Tiffany’s 1 year “Lungiversary” – Here’s a first-person account of the transplant experience.

12/08/2017Know Your CFTR Mutation – The article in this link contains CFF’s new flyer that provides an excellent overview of the CFTR mutations.

12/09/2017Virtual Reality Used In Hospital For Cystic Fibrosis ‘Distraction Therapy’ – While hospitalization may be necessary for certain CF treatments, the time between treatments can be boring and depressing. British hospitalists have tried a new approach to combat both.

12/11/2017Picking an Insurance Plan and Understanding Social Security Disability – Advice from CFF Compass case workers in response to questions from the CF community.

12/12/2017Scientists Explore New Way to Generate Stem Cell-like Cells for CF Therapy – An increased supply of progenitor cells (without the social debate regarding stem cells) could do a lot to advance research and treatments.

12/13/201710 Tips For Making Treatment Time Easier – Some pretty easy, common sense ideas to mitigate the hassle of CF treatments.

12/14/2017 – Discovery of a key molecule for improving treatments – Some interesting research that identifies, not a new treatment, but additives that make existing treatments more effective and personalizing them to the individual.

12/15/2017The Matilija Poppy Club: Navigating the Loss of a Child With CF – We like to share the stories of medical advances and individual success stories, but we can’t escape the realities of loss. This mother has found a way to cope with such a loss.

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