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CFFC Facebook Posts – December 2021 – Part 1

12/03/2021Way of Creating Bile Duct Cells May Help to Treat CF Liver Disease – With all of the attention on lung disease, we may overlook the damage CF can do in other organs. This research offers hope of treatments other than transplant for liver disease.

12/04/2021“During Hannukah, I feel the miracle of light inside me”: Elle’s story – This story from Russia (via the UK) mentions the difficulty of health care in a remote region of the country but concentrates on the positive aspects of this holiday season.

12/05/2021Exercise to Improve Your Strength and Endurance With CF – Exercise is known to improve CF outcomes. This blogger is obviously a proponent of that approach.

12/06/2021Self-compassion Tied to Better Quality of Life in Adults With CF – This study may hold a key to improved mental health in the CF community.

12/07/2021Cystic Fibrosis Around the World: Morocco – Missed this when Gunnar Esiason first posted it. Two take aways. (1) CF does not discriminate in the populations it affects. (2) We are fortunate to have the advanced CF care in our country.

12/08/2021Researchers crack the synthetic code of rare molecules sought after in drug development – Who knew that toxic waste could be beneficial. This research produced a molecule that has shown antibiotic properties against resistant bacteria.

12/09/2021Fighting back: Toby, 11, becomes first carded boxer with CF – Not sure that we would recommend boxing as a preferred exercise, but this young man shows that the pursuit of a dream can also be the pursuit of better health.

12/10/2021CF Foundation Awards More Than $1.8M to Three Companies for Genetic Therapies Research – While CFTR modulators have proven highly effective for large segments of the CF community, efforts continue to develop viable genetic therapies.

12/11/2021It’s Hard to Get Into the Spirit of the Holidays – This blogger shares the mixed emotions that come with winter holidays for those with chronic illness.

12/12/2021 – Reminder – Genetic Therapies Webinar will be held in two days. Click the link below to register.

12/13/2021New biosensors shine a light on CRISPR gene editing – Gene editing is one of the approaches to correcting the defective CFTR gene. This research may help in those efforts.

12/14/2021A Thank You To CF Parents, Especially Mine – Thank you Gunnar Esiason for recognizing an important segment of the CF community. And our best wishes to Gunnar and Darcy as they contribute to the new meaning of CF parents.

12/15/2021Letting Go of People Who Don’t Respect My Boundaries – This blogger shares her thoughts on the social consequences of living through COVID with a chronic illness.

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