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CFFC Facebook Posts – First Half of December 2016

For our web visitors who do not follow CFFC on Facebook, here are the posts added in the first half of December 2016.

12/01/2016Boost CFFC with Your Holiday Shopping – Lend a hand without spending more money.

12/02/2016How I Talk to My Kids With CF About Life and Mortality – Tough topic but one that can’t be avoided.

12/03/2016Clinical Trial Alerts – 11/30/2016 – Latest update from CFF on clinical trials

12/04/2016New Cystic Fibrosis device to reduce antibiotic usage – Our friends in Europe are also working on new devices to improve mucus clearance.

12/05/2016Portrait of a cystic fibrosis doctor – Thanks to Chris Kvam for pointing to this inspiring story.

12/06/2016 – Pathogen’s motility triggers immune response – This research may produce more effective therapy against Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

12/07/2016Insight CF Registry Research Project – Speaking of research, here’s a reminder to get involved in setting the agenda for CF research funded through CFF.

12/08/2016Dating with Cystic Fibrosis – Dating is a challenge for anyone; adding CF to the mix can increase the anxiety. Listen to Gunnar and Julia discuss their views.

12/09/2016Clinical Trial Alerts – 12/7/2016 – Latest update from CFF.

12/10/2016How to: Set up a Feeding Tube – Individuals who have difficulty sufficient nutrition may consider a feeding tube. This video offers a brief explanation of the set up routine.

12/11/2016Pitt Researchers Awarded $1.7M by NIH to Tailor CF Treatments Based on Nasal Cell Cultures – Researchers are taking another step toward personalized treatments.

12/12/20166 Ways to Prepare for the Holidays When You Have CF – Timely reminders, especially for those who travel during the holiday season.

12/13/2016Giving Back During the Holidays – Gunnar Esiason and Julia Rae talk about support CF during the season of giving and the advances they have seen knowledge about the disease.

12/14/2016Risk Factors for More Severe CF Lung Infections Caused by S. aureus Identified – Learning more about environments favorable to bacteria will lead to more effective treatments.

12/15/2016You Know You’re a CF Parent When … – She how this mom’s list matches yours. I bet everyone agrees on #17.

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