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CFFC Facebook Posts – January 2019 – Part 1

For those who do not visit Facebook, here are the posts to the CFFC page for the first half of January.

01/01/2019Defect in zinc supply mechanism affects pathology of intractable pulmonary diseases – From the archives, a study that adds to the understanding of CF lung congestion.

01/02/2019Is 2019 FINALLY Going To Be The Year We Write “cystic fibrosis” Correctly? – A little sarcastic humor from Gunnar to start the new year.

01/03/2019Top 10 Cystic Fibrosis Stories of 2018 – This is the season for reflecting on the prior year, Here is the list of the top 10 stories reported in Cystic Fibrosis News Today as selected by their editors.

01/04/2019Dear Me, It’s Me: Get Your Act Together – We have all said “if I had only known” at some point. This young man explains the special meaning of that phrase for those living with CF.

01/06/2019Your Care Team Might Accidentally be Overlooking your Mental Health Needs – Here’s another plea for more effective attention to CF’s mental health issues; this time, based on a research study.

01/07/2019Disaster Ahead: Cystic Fibrosis Related Diabetes (CFRD) – The complication that’s impacting your lungs more than you realize – An interesting compilation of research relating to CFRD and the implications for lung function.

01/08/2019Managing CF when starting your own business – Few people plan to start a new business, but the message in this article is that CF doesn’t have to be an impediment to your career plans.

01/09/2019Family Education Day 2019 – Mark your calendars! We’re in the early stages of planning our annual education event.

01/10/2019Alcresta’s Relizorb Given Medicare/Medicaid Billing Code for Easier Claims – This article not only contains good news for those seeking financial report, but also describes how Relizorb works.

01/11/2019My Love-Hate Relationship With Social Media – This young woman expresses thoughts that probably pass through our minds from time to time.

01/14/2019Bacterial immunity and infectious disease – So, bacteria can get virus infections. Now, the scientists have to discover how to turn that discovery into treatment.

01/15/2019Update on “Five Feet Apart” – CFF is providing information resources in anticipation of the national release of the the movie “Five Feet Apart.

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