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CFFC Facebook Posts – January 2020 – Part 1

01/01/2020Top 10 Blog Posts of 2019 – Yesterday, we shared a forward-looking post. But the new year is also a time to look back. The Top 10 list from CFF’s blog shows that, while people living with CF are concerned with maintaining their health, they have a lot of interest in raising CF awareness in the world around them.

01/02/2020Copeptin a Potential Biomarker of Symptom Severity During Pulmonary Exacerbation, Study Shows – If science can find indications of exacerbations without symptoms, treatments can be started sooner – and be more effective.

01/03/02020A Few (Realistic) Expectations for the Next Decade of Cystic Fibrosis Care – Gunnar Esiason shares his vision of the the advance in the next decade.

01/04/20208 Ways to Guard Against Germs in Everyday Life – In the midst of cold and flu season, it is good to remind ourselves how to minimize the risks from exposure to germs.

01/05/2020Gene Variations May Explain Resistance to Lung Infections in Some CF Patients, Study Says – No surprise that genes other than CFTR can affect the progress of CF.

01/06/2020My Strict Schedule Gives Me Power Over My CF – There’s nothing like success to inspire you to maintain your daily regimen.

01/07/2020How ‘good’ viruses may influence health – While this article does not deal specifically deal with CF, it is good background information for understanding research in phage treatments and other aspects of CF care.

01/08/20205 Ways My Quality of Life Has Improved on Trikafta – Yes, CF is different for everyone. That said, Gunnar Esiason’s account of his experience with Trikafta is consistent with other stories you may have read or heard.

01/09/2020Don’t Overlook Importance of Sleep Hygiene, CF Experts Advise – The bad news: this article confirms that CF care is a 24/7 situation. The good news: the article concludes with solid suggestions for improving sleep-time component of your care.

01/10/2020How I Found the Right Mental Health Counselor – It is said that acknowledging a problem is the first step toward solving it. Now that mental health is recognized (generally) as significant component of CF, we need to find better care for these issues.

01/11/2020New CEO Michael Boyle Outlines ‘Cure, Care, Community’ Priorities for CFF – There is no quit at CFF. The first bullet of the new CEO’s goals notes the search for CFTR correction “no matter what their genotype is.”

01/13/2020When Parental Anxiety Makes It Hard to Breathe – Anxiety affects caregivers as well as those living with CF.

01/14/2020Tea drinkers live longer -While this research is not related to CF, curiosity was tweaked by those interested in alternative medicine. Besides, people living with CF are not immune from other health issues.

01/15/2020My Rocky Road to Lung Transplant – You’ve heard stories like this before, but you can’t hear it too many times: the triumph of the recipient’s spirits, the skill of the medical team, and the grace of the donor.

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