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CFFC Facebook Posts – January 2021 – Part 2

01/16/2021Phase 1/2 Trial to Test Phage Therapy for Chronic P. aeruginosa Infections – This clinical trial seeks to move phage therapy from theory to practice.

01/17/2021What I Didn’t Expect From Trikafta – This blog is a reminder that there are no perfect solutions to CF.

01/18/2021How a Blood Donor Saved My Life – This story promotes blood donors but there is s subplot about care givers who don’t pay attention to their patient.

01/19/2021Ushering Cystic Fibrosis Patients Into Adulthood – This article is over a year old but is still relevant. In addition to the core message, there is an interesting perspective on the variations in CF care around the world.

01/20/2021Emma’s story: Getting the COVID-19 vaccine – Aside from the organizations involved, the experience of getting a dose of COVID vaccine in the UK is instructive for expectations here.

01/21/2021Bacteria in Irish Soil Seen to Block Those Tied to Chronic Lung Infections – This study not only identifies a new source for fighting lung infections but also points to the importance of understanding natural remedies.

01/22/2021Catya Kurban: I am Child Life Specialist with Cystic Fibrosis and Received a COVID-19 Vaccine – Another firsthand story from a person living with CF who has received her fist COVID vaccine dose.

01/23/2021Finding Your CF Community – We all need help in finding our way through life, but it is particularly true for parents of newly diagnosed children with CF. CFFC is prepared to help people make connections with someone with more experience with CF. If you’re interested, contact us at

01/24/2021Immune system mounts a lasting defense after recovery from COVID-19, researchers find – Okay, this isn’t specifically about CF. However, this article offers news about a recurring question on COVID-19 immunity.

01/26/2021One Full Year Without a Viral Infection: Thank You, Social Distancing – Gunnar Esiason draws a connection that we may miss in all of the other news; that is, the protocols instituted for COVID have reduced all viral infections.

01/27/2021Compounds Raise Kalydeco’s Efficacy, May Be Future Combo Therapy – Research continues to find options for correcting the CFTR defect(s) in CF,This research using Kalydeco took place in Canada before the approval of Trikafta in that country.

01/28/2021How I Relieve My CF Anxiety – This blog starts on a good premise: Everyone experiences CF differently. So don’t look at this as a recommendation, rather as a way to get you thinking about what’s right for you.

01/29/2021Scientists reverse deadly impacts of asthma in mice – While this research was directed at asthma, the researchers noted that the benefits would also apply to CF.

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01/30/2021Path to a Cure CFF Research Update – There’s a lot going on in the CF research world. Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is hosting a research webinar on February 4th focused on the Path to a Cure. Everyone in the cystic fibrosis community is invited to learn about research underway to accelerate treatments and drug development for the underlying cause of the disease and ultimately deliver a cure for all people with CF.

01/31/2021Minorities in US Ineligible for CFTR Modulators Due to Poorly Studied Mutations – Interesting analysis. NOTE: The “ineligibility” in the title refers to mutation type rather than some bureaucratic restriction.

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