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CFFC Facebook Posts – July 2017 – Part 1

For our web visitors who do not follow CFFC on Facebook, here are the posts added in the first half of July 2017.

07/01/2017Some Days – Our own Kori Tolbert Doherty has a talent for expressing what the community experiences in their battle with CF. She also has the knack of seeing the sunshine through the gloom.

07/02/2017Cystic Fibrosis Around the World: the United Kingdom – Britain is the next stop on Gunnar’s tour investigating CF conditions around the globe.

07/03/2017Opportunity to Provide Input – A reminder to join in a project at URMC that is gathering information on the adult experience with the CF Center. We’ve heard from one participant who said it was well worth the time. Project staff will consider a request to participate from a spouse or other caregiver if: (1) s/he provides care for an adult with CF, and (2) the caregiver has significant interaction with the CF care team. The project team may also consider a representative if the process is too strenuous for the patient’s condition. So, please sign up!!

07/04/2017Cystic Fibrosis My Way: Acapella Treatment with Emily – One of the options for lung clearance demonstrated by a teenager.

07/05/2017Mucus Thinners – Second in a series of videos from CFF dealing with CF lung treatments.

07/06/2017Alcohol, Tattoos and Chronic Illness – In his unique fashion, Gunnar shares some significant points about alcohol and CF. Comments about tattoos are also interesting, but more personal and scientific.

07/07/2017Researchers Think They’ve Found The Cause Of Organ Rejection In Transplant Patients – Another step toward personally tailored treatments.

07/08/2017 – Why I’m Grateful for My Parents’ Approach to My CF – An adult with CF looking back on the approach her parents took.

07/09/2017Cystic Fibrosis Around the World: Spain and Denmark – In this installment, Gunnar relays the experiences in two European Union countries.

07/10/2017CF MiniCon: Young Adult – An opportunity for young adults living with CF to interact with their peers through a virtual conference. Registration Deadline: July 19, 2017.

07/11/2017How Certain Bacteria Resist Antibiotics to Become Virulent in CF and Other Diseases Focus of Thesis – A doctoral thesis from a Sweden has led the author to study ways to activate the immune system to fight bacteria.

07/12/2017Airway Clearance Techniques – This CFF video (third of a series) provides an overview of various techniques to clear mucus from the lungs.

07/13/2017Making it Matter Ep. #43 – Our College Roommates – In this podcast, Gunnar and Julia delve into another part of the transition to adulthood with CF – the college roommate.

07/14/2017Cross infection in cystic fibrosis – This video from Great Britain gives a brief introduction to the challenge of cross infection.

07/15/20176 of the Best Apps for Chronic Illness Management – Cystic Fibrosis News Today offers a list of mobile apps that may help you manage treatments and paperwork.

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