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CFFC Facebook Posts – March 2019 – Part 2

For those who do not visit Facebook, here are the posts to the CFFC page for the second half of March.

03/16/2019 Living with an unpredictable disease – Many can probably relate to these stories of CF’s unpredictability.

03/17/2019The 3 Words I Want Every Single Hospital Employee to Hear – This mother is channeling thoughts we have all had. “Please just listen.”

03/18/2019Determining what binds to mucus – This may not be a glamorous scientific pursuit but it could be critically important to CF treatments.

03/19/2019Connections Winter 2019 – Cystic Fibrosis Canada publishes a quarterly newsetter. While some of the articles are Canada-specific, you may find some to be relevant and interesting.

03/20/2019Virus Can Help Treat Pseudomonas aeruginosa in CF, Study Suggests – The use of bacteriophages has been previously reported. This study extended analysis to live a live animal model.

03/21/2019Let’s Talk About It: Complementary and Alternative Medicines and Supplements – A very thoughtful approach to considering treatment options outside the “normal” routine of medications.

03/22/2019Agenda Set for Education Day 2019 – Here’s the news you have been waiting for: the full program for Education Day. This article also includes a link to on-line registration.

03/23/2019Amphotericin Holds Promise as Treatment for All CF Patients, Preliminary Study Shows – This approach to replacing the CFTR function in lung lining cells could work for all mutations.

03/24/2019Stopping B. cepacia in its tracks – Cystic Fibrosis Trust (UK’s equivalent of CFF) shared information about Burkholderia cepacia in reaction to “Five Feet Apart.”

03/25/2019My 5 Takeaways From ResearchCon – Some interesting insights from a co-chair of the CFF ResearchCon.

03/26/201939th Annual Kit Taylor Memorial Lecture – The Rochester CF community is fortunate to have the opportunity to expand our knowledge on relevant topics through the annual Kit Taylor Memorial Lecture.

03/27/2019New Strategy May Boost Antibiotics’ Efficacy in CF Patients, Study Suggests – A promising study on a strategy that is like tearing down the castle walls that Pseudomonas build to protect itself.

03/28/2019Three Survey Opportunities – You have opportunities to share your thoughts through three surveys announced by CFF Community Voice. Response deadlines are between April 3rd and April 9th.

03/29/2019Coping With Grief – Every CF story is different; that applies to the emotional aspects as well as the physical. This is one story about recognizing and dealing with grief.

03/30/2019Existing drug may improve lung function – Sometimes research can lead to an “old” drug rather than a “new” drug.

03/31/2019A virtually perfect connection: dating and cystic fibrosis – An interesting dialog from UK’s CF Trust inspired by “Five Feet Apart.”

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