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CFFC Facebook Posts – March 2022 – Part 1

03/01/2022Dating and CF – Dating is full of emotions which, as with everything else, is complicated by CF.

03/02/2022Insights into a cystic fibrosis treatment may herald a novel class of drugs – CF treatments have benefited from research focused on other diseases. This article notes that the science behind CFTR modulators may help in other areas.

03/03/2022Cystic Fibrosis Around the World: Portugal – Gunnar Esiason’s survey from another European country with a small CF population.

03/04/2022Canadian Researchers to Study New Cell Types in CF – This research hopes to provide knowledge that will advance gene therapy for CF. [Interesting note: the team includes a veterinarian.]

03/05/2022It’s Never Too Early to Start Therapy – Establishing routines early in life has long-term benefits.

03/07/2022Threat of Antibiotic Resistance a Shot in the Arm for Phage Research – The increase in antibiotic resistance requires the development of alternative strategies.

03/08/2022ResearchCON 2022 – Want to learn more about the current research in CF? You can join virtual conference presented by Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

03/09/2022Stories Form My Identity, and I Crave My Truest Identity – Getting to know yourself is important. Sharing that information with others can be difficult.

03/10/2022Learning About Myself Hiking the Oregon Coast Trail – Setting goals and pursuing them may be your path to self-discovery.

03/11/2022Talking to my employer about CF – Living a full life with CF often means employment which introduces new complications.

03/12/2022Telerehabilitation May Help Children Feel Less Anxious – The past couple of years have showed us the power of remote medicine. This early study suggests that the lessons could be applied to exercise regimens.

03/13/2022Meet Arash – A story of relocation for family and health care.

03/15/2022It felt really meaningful to give an insight into the experiences of Muslims with CF – Cultural norms can impact the approach to CF care.

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